1. Oldie: A 2nd, more affordable edition of the MOROSE DELECTATION catalog is now available at ROTLAND PRESS.com

    An ultra-limited edition catalog to the exhibition MOROSE DELECTATION, held at The Book Beat Bookstore + Gallery, from June 5 - August 5, 2011. This is a companion to the anthology BLACK EYE 1, presenting works on paper by ten of the contributors to that book: Max Clotfelter, Andy Gabrysiak, Ian Huebert, Kaz, James Moore, Tom Neely, Paul Nudd, Onsmith, David Paleo and Stephen William Schudlich. In the same vein as BLACK EYE 1, this publication collects comix and art from the MOROSE DELECTATION exhibition along with additional images that express Black Humor. Generously illustrated with previously unpublished images NOT found in BLACK EYE 1, this book contains an introduction and new texts written by all of the participating artists— addressing the relationship of their work to Black Humor. PRINT RUN IS LIMITED TO ONLY 100 COPIES, signed and numbered by the editor and hand-stamped with a special “Rotland Press Limited Edition” logo.

    softcover / 64 pages / full color / 5 x 8 inches / edited and designed by Ryan Standfest / 2011 (2nd edition 2014)

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