2. An oldie.


  3. Over the past couple years I participated, to varying degrees, in Brain Frame, the Chicago-based performative comix reading series. Here I am included alongside my favorite cartoonists in the world in the Brain Frame Yearbook / 2011 - 2014.


  4. Last year I submitted my handwriting for analysis by the Pelican Institute of Graphology, the results of which are disclosed in HANDWRITING ANALYSIS issue #1.

    40 pages of scientific interpretation and divination based on handwriting samples sent in from over 100 participants.

    Edited by IMA Pelican under the auspices of the PIG (Pelican Institute of Graphology) and the PLGR (Pelican Laboratory for Graphological Research). Edition of only 100, B/W, 8 1/2” x 7”. To order, paypal $9 to diamondsnout@hotmail.com


  5. S William Schudlich will be printing this piece we drew together live tonight Thursday, September 18, 6 to 9pm at Signal-Return as part of the opening reception for CHASING POSADA: A Macabre Populist In The City.


  6. Curbed Detroit article about the opening of DittoDitto. The In Print Exhibition Catalog and “The Sad Man” are available there now. Can’t wait to visit during the Detroit Art Book Fair!


  7. brainframe:

    ANNOUNCING (the poster for) BRAIN FRAME 19 :: 3rd Anniversary and Grand Finale! This 5-color screen print will be on sale for just $15 at the show. Designed by Lyra Hill and Lillie West.

    Saturday, August 9th, at Thalia Hall, 1807 S Allport St. Ages 17 and over. 
    TICKETS :: $12 advance // $15 at door

    Arrive early to soak up live experimental ambient music, sign Yearbooks, worship at the Death Altar, and commune with the Brain Oracle. Stay late to dance into the bright future, full of unseen wonders. Brain Frame forever.

    6PM - 8PM :: Pick up your Yearbook and collect autographs! Buy Brain Frame posters and comics! Explore interactive art installations in opera boxes. Contribute to a “reality TV show.” Featuring performances and installations by:
    Efrén Adkins and Colleen Allen
    Will Bishop and Grace Needlman
    Flux Bikes (Rob Frye)
    Emma Rand, Brad Rohloff and Lillie West

    8PM - 10:30PM :: Watch the most incredible, ambitious Brain Frame ever. Featuring performances by: 
    Jessica Campbell and Aaron Renier 
    Anya Davidson and Carrie Vinarsky 
    Lyra Hill 
    Emily Hutchings and Ian McDuffie 
    Nick Jackson 
    Rough House 
    Gina Wynbrandt 
    and live accompaniment from Tyson Torstensen 

    10:30PM - 1AM :: Hang out, dance, party! Featuring sets from:
    DJ Pluto (Ben Marcus)
    DJ Bobby Teenager (Tyson Torstensen)



  8. My Piece for the Puck Collective Illustration Annual - Puck Collected Issue 01: The Deep

    Launch party at Beach Gallery in London, Thursday 21st August 2014. Free copies to all attendees and free beer!

    Will also have copies at the 2014 Detroit Art Book Fair, Saturday 13th September.


  9. "Famous Faces" w/ John Maggie available Sept at the Detroit Art Book Fair.

    (Photographed in a pile of rocks by John)


  10. brainframe:


    Brain Frame is a pivotal happening in Chicago’s storied underground art history. Brain Frame exploded onto the scene on July 28th, 2011, and has continued to blow minds and expand the very definition of comics. To audiences, Brain Frame is an original, undefinable but always impactful happening. It is also a place where bonds form between artists, leading to collaborations and mutual support in what can be an isolated and competitive medium.

    Our third anniversary and final show, this August, is kicking off with the launch of the Brain Frame Yearbook! This book is a true collector’s item, a gold embossed leatherette compendium of every unforgettable Brain Frame event, stuffed with portraits, photos, memories, and original content from performers and audience members: comics, essays, flip-page animations, as well as jokes, games, and the winners of the Brain Frame Superlatives.

    Our all-volunteer Yearbook Club is working hard to collect all these memories, and we need your help! To ensure that this richly illustrated, cleverly handsome tome is produced in time for the show, Brain Frame needs to raise $7,779 by July 1st. This will cover the cost of 300 books, each 160 pages, half color, half black and white, full bleed, hard bound, and foil embossed at a final cost of $25.93 per book. Our Brain Frame ethos of embracing risk is so strong that each book will be on sale for only $25! Keep your $0.93, keep the memories, and call us crazy. We love that.


  11. I live in Lewisburg, PA now. New collab with John. More work soon.


  12. Oldie: A 2nd, more affordable edition of the MOROSE DELECTATION catalog is now available at ROTLAND PRESS.com

    An ultra-limited edition catalog to the exhibition MOROSE DELECTATION, held at The Book Beat Bookstore + Gallery, from June 5 - August 5, 2011. This is a companion to the anthology BLACK EYE 1, presenting works on paper by ten of the contributors to that book: Max Clotfelter, Andy Gabrysiak, Ian Huebert, Kaz, James Moore, Tom Neely, Paul Nudd, Onsmith, David Paleo and Stephen William Schudlich. In the same vein as BLACK EYE 1, this publication collects comix and art from the MOROSE DELECTATION exhibition along with additional images that express Black Humor. Generously illustrated with previously unpublished images NOT found in BLACK EYE 1, this book contains an introduction and new texts written by all of the participating artists— addressing the relationship of their work to Black Humor. PRINT RUN IS LIMITED TO ONLY 100 COPIES, signed and numbered by the editor and hand-stamped with a special “Rotland Press Limited Edition” logo.

    softcover / 64 pages / full color / 5 x 8 inches / edited and designed by Ryan Standfest / 2011 (2nd edition 2014)



  14. gabrysiakandy:




    BALTIMORE, MD, March 2014 -

    Open Space is pleased to announce the Fifth Annual Publications and Multiples Fair on March 8 and 9, 2014. This annual event is a celebration and survey of artist publications, prints, and objects produced in multiple. This year’s fair promises a wide variety of publications and objects by over 80 independent publishers, galleries and artists from Baltimore and beyond. The fair is free and open to the public. 


    Open Space’s Fifth Annual Publications and Multiples Fair

    D Center, 16 West North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21218
    March 8th and 9th, 12pm - 6pm Saturday and Sunday

    RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/411116449033216/

    Featured Vendors:
    2D Cloud
    57 Cell
    Andrew Walters
    Andy Gabrysiak
    Arts & Sciences Projects
    Beauty Today
    Bernard Stiegler
    Bite Not Press
    Black Aggie Press
    Blaise Larmee
    Booklyn Artists Alliance
    Brian Blomerth
    Color Wheel Digital Printing
    Conveyor Editions
    Current Space
    Dale Beran
    Dylan Thadani
    Ehse Records
    Emily Burtner
    Empty Stretch
    Eric Helgas
    Gary Kachadourian
    Get Lost
    Ginevra Shay
    Hic & Hoc Publications
    Holy Page Records
    Hood College Art Galleries
    James Bouché
    Jessica Hans Ceramics
    Julia Scott
    Julia Yerger
    Justin Sloane
    Kodi Fabricant
    Kyle Tata
    Lale Westvind
    Lauren Pakradooni
    Leah Wishnia
    Lease Agreement
    Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
    Litho Shop
    Matt Thurber
    Max Eilbacher
    Mega Press
    MICA: Retooling the Cottage
    Mickey Zacchilli
    Mike Taylor
    Mixed Media
    Morgan Frailey
    Nicholas Verstraeten
    NNA Tapes
    Open Space 
    Poety Unlimited
    Print/Collect Process Collective
    Publishing Genius
    Rachel Younghans
    Rock & Rose
    Rock Bottom
    Rosemary Liss
    Ryan Syrell
    Sacred Prism
    Spaces Corners
    Spider’s Pee-Paw
    Swill Children
    Terence Hannum
    Too Temporary
    WEIRD Magazine
    Wham City
    Wiley Guillot
    Worms Press
    Zach Hazard Vaupen
    Zine Of The Month



    Thumbs Up - Sight specific, wireless broadcast of works made for viewing on cell phones and other glass devices. Featuring works by Ben Marcus (Chicago), Ryan Riss (Denver), and more.

    - - Friday March 7th - -

    The Crown, 1910 N Charles St
    Music from Gun Tit, Vlonde, Oh Hang, and Terence Hannum

     - - Saturday March 8th - -

    MICA Studio Center 131 W North Ave

    Super Intense Fan Fiction Reading Series: Jordan Card convinces noted Baltimore personalities to unlock their diaries and read the most personal excerpts from their voluminous store of passionate fan fiction. Featuring Rjyan Kidwell (Silver Surfer), Dale Beran (Twilight), Molly Colleen O’Connell (Golden Girls), and Justin Lucas (Steve: Irwin The Crocodile Hunter). Blushing encouraged.

    Spiral Cinema Presents: Selections from UNDERVOLT screening and Q+A with Jimmy Joe Roche and Nicholas O’ Brien

    Animation Screening and Q+A from Dash Shaw

    Preparing Images for Digital Printing: A lecture by Liz Donadio, owner & operator of Color Wheel. Learn how to best prepare your files for existence outside the digital realm. With 10 years of experience making digital prints, Donadio will share her expertise on how to achieve optimal quality and consistent results.

    Club K, 2101 Maryland Ave

    Early Pop Music Show, 6pm

    - - Sunday March 9th - -

    Wind Up Space, 12 W North Ave:

    Poetry Readings: Lesser Gonzalez Alverez, Molly Colleen O’Connell, Brendan Sullivan, Alex Ventura, Tim Paggi, Alaina Stamatis, Chloe Maratta 

    MICA Studio Center, 131 W North Ave:

    Pecha Kucha: Selector Series. This quick-fire presentation lineup features notable creatives sharing their ideas on curation, selection, and editing. Liz Durette, Keith Varadi, Megan Plunkett, R.M. O’Brien, Deana Haggag, Sydney Shen, Andrew Liang, Aaron Estes, Kelly McNutt, Nik Planck


    - - Friday March 7th - -

    Linda Yung LEASE AGREEMENT, 3718 Ellerslie Ave. 4-8pm 

    Black and White featuring works by Jackie Riccio, Rachael Davis, Zack Schmitt, Max Anderson, Lisk Feng, Nicole Rodrigues, Kimi Hanauer, Luis Rivas, Shane Smith, Lee Heinemann, Lili Roberts-Gevalt, Chris Williford, and Izzy Garcia curated by Soja Solvang and Marines Montalvo in conjunction with ALLOVERSTREET at Penthouse Gallery, 1501 Guilford Avenue APT B501 and Annex 2E, 419 E Oliver St. APT 2E, 7-10pm 

    SPF works by Val Karuskevich and Steve Riddle, opening in conjunction with ALLOVERSTREET at Springsteen, 1511 Guilford Ave Unit B303, 7-10 pm. 

    - - Saturday March 8th - - 

    Crisis Image, Opening of the Alternative Press Center at the Alternative Press Center Library at 2239 Kirk Avenue 12-6 PM 

    Find No Two Suns, Sophia Belkin and Suzanna Zak curated by Ginevra Shay with curatorial assistant, Emily Mason at Current Space 421 N. Howard Street 7-10 PM

    Cookbook Dreams and Inflatable Futures, Antoine Lefebvre, Robin Cameron, Cybele Lyle, Luca Antonucci, John Bohl, NOWORK, Lauren van Haaften-Schick, curated by Arts & Sciences Projects at Guestspot at the Reinstitute, 1715 N Calvert Street, 7-10 PM 

    Megan Plunkett, sophiajacob, 510 Franklin Street, 7-10 PM 

    Diane Young, A Reading Rock512Devil, 512 Franklin Street, 8 PM 

    2 Freak 2 Flash, Floristree, 9:30 PM


    Open Space Baltimore began as a collectively run space in Remington in 2009, and has since included a core group of members with a rotating cast of friends, volunteers and interns rounding out the Open Space team.
    Open Space aims to provide an outlet for artists ranging from local to international and to provide a space where the Baltimore community can behold these artists’ work. We believe that a successful arts space develops and curates a wide variety in programming; allowing for an expansive range of ideas while simultaneously generating and maintaining a greater scope of community interests. Since its inception, the gallery has maintained an interest in exhibiting all types of media, genres, and ideas from a broad geographical scope; thus the title ‘Open Space’. Open Space has been host to painters, sculptors, printmakers, book-makers, video artists and performers from allover the United States, Germany, Belgium, China, and Chile. We are currently working to reopen the gallery at a new location.

    c u there baltimore!


    Never been to Baltimore, looking forward to this

    Gonna be at PMFV Saturday and Sunday!


  15. I did a page for this amazing anthology Strep Throat II, edited by Laura Perez-Harris. The title is in a hand-cut transparency window and there are bunch of acetate inserts within including a bilingual comic from Caroline Sury.

    Pages here by me / Matt Leines / Lala Albert / Stretan Bor / Mickey Z